6 Words to Describe Nouveau Narrative by Sherwin Williams

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 12.08.19 PM“Our new industrial evolution may be small batch and grassroots, but it’s built to last. Authentic 20th-century machinery is being dusted off and reconditioned as North American manufacturing re-emerges in the form of the Maker Movement. Looking to the past to inspire our future, dreamers and doers craft new aesthetics collaged from the pages of history books. Think rugged determination, olive and denim, dusky wools, and brass buttons glinting in the sunlight.” Sherwin Williams

Nouveau Narrative concept is amazing! I am a big fan and supporter of local artists and artisans. Although, my own style would not be to take on the entire vibe, I do love when a space has some rough edges like reclaimed wood, raw metals and exposed worn brick.


Natural. The warm tones of this one is so comforting and snuggly. From lighter tones, to the array of woods and dark metals, its a winner!

Exposed. Most of the elements I enjoy most in handmade pieces are the exposed areas. This brick is raw and warm at the same time.  It also provides texture and contrast. Yummy!

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 12.23.46 PM

Industrial. The dark iron and rusted metals feel like they have come straight from an old industrial warehouse or factory. It is the perfect handmade element to compliment the woods as well as showcase the artistry of a blacksmith.

Juxtapose. Juxtapose… this word means everything. Cold, dark, raw metals paired with warm, soft, carved woods. Yes, Yes, YES!  Nature and man at work together. Simple.

Worldly. Artisans and acquirers alike have open minds and love to learn.

Reuse. Woods, metals and items used in new ways and for purposes not intended. 

Natural. Exposed. Industrial. Juxtapose. Worldly. Reuse.

How will you use these colors in your life?

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 12.06.42 PM

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