All about the Grey

The last month or so we’ve seen a lot of grey coming through the office. All but one current project has a grey palette. Some cool, some warm, some more green. Any way you look at it, grey is HOT. Clients are asking for it and we love it! Whether your style is classic or modern, grey adds sophistication and warmth to any space.

Cozy up, let’s take a look at what we found, shall we?

Grey Kitchen Collage

The kitchens above are just a few of the many that we have found to inspire us and our clients. In several, we see wood to warm up the space. Some may say they have a “farmhouse” style. We think they say, “Cook in me!” In others, white and grey marble keep the space crisp and clean with a classic elegance. Although gorgeous, we see this so often that we fear it has become “common”.

Bathrooms are also a room that you often see a lot of marble tile. Sometimes entire walls. Yes, they are gorgeous, classic. We love them. And, sometime, we like to throw in some interesting shapes, patterns and texture.

Grey Bathroom Collage

Maybe an entire room is too big of a commitment for you? Maybe you need something a bit smaller to get you started? Painting walls, trim and other architectural elements are a good place to start. They make a statement and allow you to throw in other colors, pale or bold.

Grey Living Collage

If you’re not quite ready for a “permanent” change, we suggest accessories. Pillows, shelving, rugs, artwork or lighting. Add a few pops of color, like yellow, and whaa-laa ~ Magic!

Grey Accessorie/Yellow Collage

Ok. Now you think you are ready for some real color? Or, maybe, you’ve been waiting for these this entire post!? Either way, these are our favorites!

Grey/Color Pop Collage

We love grey with color!

Green. Pink. Orange. Yellow. Red. Lavendar. Turquoise.

Feel free to play with grey. It won’t let you down!

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